Strategic Planning and Team Building with the SOAR Analysis Tool


One of our favourite team building and strategic thinking tools is the SOAR analysis model and after another successful strategic planning workshop let us sing its praises again and share some of our thoughts on why we feel it is such a useful tool.

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SOAR is a great tool for a wide range of workshops and meetings including, team building, strategy development, action planning and vision creation.

So what exactly is a SOAR analysis? 

SOAR is a strategic planning tool that helps an organisation, division or team identify its strengths, opportunities and aspirations while developing / identifying strategic goals and milestones (expected results). SOAR is also an ideal tool for helping project teams build a clear vision and road map strategy for future success.

This tool differs from the more commonly used SWOT in that SOAR focuses on enhancing what is currently done well (positive factors), rather than focussing on perceived threats and / or weaknesses. (negative factors)

How do we use SOAR?

When conducting a SOAR analysis, the basic questions to be answered are:

  • What are our biggest strengths?
  • What are our best opportunities?
  • What is our ‘best case’ scenario future?
  • What are some measurable results that will tell us we’ve achieved our best case scenario future?

We can use the simple following template to brainstorm and categorise answers to these questions.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 10.26.30

The following are some simile guidelines and tips for developing a SOAR analysis:

  • Be sure to identify your company, department or team’s greatest strengths. (How were these strengths achieved and built?)
  • Identify ‘best case scenario’ aspirations. (Are they aligned with your organisations  / team’s values and objectives?)
  • Identify aspirations and desired results that create a compelling vision of the future using the best of the past and, that also inspire and challenge the status quo.
  • Decide which opportunities have the most potential.
  • Write goal statements for each of these strategic opportunities and identify measures that will help track success.
  • Plan actions and implement the plan for each identified goal.

Platinum Training offers SOAR focussed workshops that build strategic thinking ability, develop momentum for goal setting, develop creative mindsets and unify teams. The workshop is ideal for:

  • Organisations that want to develop assertive and strategically minded leaders who can see the bigger picture;
  • Leaders who want to develop critical analysis skills that can be applied to their real projects;
  • Organisations or divisions that want to empower employees and encourage them to take more of an active role in vision setting, planning and implementation;
  • Managers who want to offer a business orientated team building day for team members.

For more information and a free consultation get in touch with us at Platinum Training Consultants




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